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Our Services

Print on site Sports Photography

We can provide a team of photographers and sales staff to photograph your event and print photographs at your event for purchase.

Our services to your are often FREE with a gift return to your event based on photograph sales.

Our team of photographers and sales staff are professional, turn up in corporate clothing and are DBS and Access NI police checked.

Our attendance at your event can add a unique and professional dimension which will help promote your school or organisation to those that attend.

Don't just take our work we will put you in touch with current and past clients as a reference.

We will also provide you with copies of our DBS and insurance certificates for that extra piece of mind.

Dance and Theatrical Shows

CLP specialise is the filming and photographing of Creative Arts performances covering dance recitals to theatrical shows. We are currently working with a number of schools and drama companies that put on annual staged performances.

Our team will photograph in advance the cast, film behind the scenes and take action photographs of the show. We then have a fast turnaround in which we edit and print the photographs ready for show nights. Parents are able to view and purchase the photographs and take home.

Our attendance adds a real professional feel to your show. And yes our services come FREE.

School and Sports club team photographs

In 2018 we came up with a great idea to highlight the success of sports teams by creating a memorable keepsake. We call it the 'Sports Double', a professionally photographed team and individual portrait, presented in a 12x8 mount or frame.

We are currently working with a number of schools and sports clubs that have found that the sports double not only makes a treasured memory but also creates a profitable return based on a commission gifted back to the school or club based on the sale of the photographs.

We will come to you, provide our services for FREE and help you organise the teams to streamline the process. 

We will design and help market the Sports Double so all you have to do is help us gather the teams and arrange a suitable date to attend. 

All our photographers and DBS and Access NI police checked and we are fully insured.

Experienced event photographers
DBS & Access NI checked
Print on site